RADARMARKETING is a full service provider of a variety of marketing and retail purchase services to our consumers and SMBs. We provide a unique portfolio of revolutionary designs built with cutting edge technology. Each of our products and services comply high quality and faster turnaround times.

At RADARMARKETING, our services are categorized into two types:


Media fragmentation, globalization and online marketing are reinventing the marketing landscape at an astonishing pace. In this brave new world of marketing, any successful strategy has to achieve the right blend of creativity, technology, online and direct marketing.

Keep pace with the changing times. At RADARMARKETING, we utilize traditional marketing and social media to improve revenue for our clients. We employ a variety of marketing strategies to increase consumer traffic to our clients’ websites.


RADARMARKETING has assembled a unique portfolio of latest innovative products that provide high profits with only little investment. With a wide range of latest technology products, we work towards improving product mix with unique and hot products in the market. We import some of the latest products and accessories for local market.


  • Less Is More: If you are under a budget crunch or if you need to get instant traffic, our highly qualified marketing professionals will work on your marketing campaign so your limited marketing budget can give you more results, more sales!
  • Marketing On-Demand: Now you can get marketing services just when you need it the most. Our flexible budgets and effective marketing campaigns are specially designed for enabling SMBs to raise high revenues with high ROI.
  • Leading with Innovation: Our products are world class and unique at the same time very competitively priced so you can lead your business with innovation and do not need high investments for selling these products.

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